Megan's Mixed Media



I hope that my art will inspire people of all ages to embrace the perfection in our imperfections and not judge themselves or others too harshly.  My three children will sometimes say, “I want to be an artist, too!”  I tell them, “Don’t you see you already are?”  I try to point out the lopsided, wonky, whimsical way I depict things so they can see not everything has to be ideal or perfect.  When creating my art, I try to tap into the child that’s in all of us.  By drawing freely and quickly as a child might, I worry less about perfection and more about getting the ideas on paper or canvas.  I paint using the skills I’ve honed over the years, using bright, cheerful colors and beautiful blending.  I want my art to say, “It’s OK to just be what or who you are!”  The basis of all my paintings is acrylic paint but I also incorporate torn paper collage, watercolor pencil and crayons, graphite, and pigment pens.  I love texture and experimenting with found objects I use as stamps.  All of these things combine and sometimes come together in the form of a painting.  I hope you enjoy looking at my art as much as I enjoy the process of making it.  Remember -- there is an artist in all of us! 

COLORFUL    WhimsicalFUN 

Bright   Cheerful   Happy

Silly Messy